Apparel Design 4 steps Process

From Ideation to Market in 11-12 weeks


Design Phase (2 weeks):

  • Week 1: Upon Checkout, the client fills out a comprehensive form to share their vision, requirements, and preferences. Our team engages in extensive creative research, explores ideas, and develops concepts, all driven by the client's valuable input.
  • Week 2: Presentation of initial sketches and designs to the client for feedback and adjustments.

Pattering & Tech Pack Phase (3 weeks):

  • Week 3: Creation of patterns and tech packs based on the approved designs.
  • Week 4: Review and finalization of patterns and tech packs with the production team.
  • Week 5: Preparation of production-ready techpack.

Sampling Phase (3 weeks):

  • Week 6: Manufacturing of initial prototypes using the approved patterns and tech packs.
  • Week 7: Testing, adjustments, and improvements of the prototypes in collaboration with the client.
  • Week 8: Finalization of prototypes and client's final approval.

Production Phase (3 weeks):

  • Week 9: Commencement of mass production after prototype validation.
  • Week 10: Production monitoring, quality control, and deadline management.

  • Week 11: Delivery of finished products to the client.



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